How Can I integrate iRulez into my home

The use the iRulez Home automation system your (future) home should be equipped with a central switched environment. This means all the light circuits should be direly connected with your electrical distribution cabinet where a relays will make the decisions to light up the light. A traditional push button light switch call control the lights by sending a 24v signal to the iRulez system.

If your home is equipped with a central switched environment, iRulez can easily be integrated. You only need a couple of components.

  • Ubuntu host. This pice which is  the brain behind iRulez can be installed on the flowing platforms.
    • Minicomputer (Raspberry PI 3B)
    • Server
    • Computer
  • Arduino Mega. The Arduino is responsible for switch the relays
  • Ethernet shield W5100. To get Ethernet connectivity to the Arduino mega.
  • iRulez I/O board. The I/O board can be connected with  maximal 16 push button light switches AND 16 relays
  • 24v Relays
  • 24v voeding

The iRulez system is build in a modular way. When you cant to switch 20 light circuits you need 2x Arduino Mega, 2x Ethernetshield, 2x iRulez I/O en 20 relays.
If you want to add an additional 20 light circuits you only need to add ONE Arduino Mega, ONE Ethernetshield, ONE iRulez I/O en 20 relays