What is iRulez

iRulez is an IP based automation system with a central web portal.
Since it is completely based on opensource components, it is a cheap yet versatile system with a rich feature set.
The web portal allows you to create all the default features, available in the well-known commercial home automation systems.

In addition iRulez offers following features:
Integration in Telegram, so no need of a simbox or a payable service
Owntracks, use your smartphone as a location service to trigger programmable actions
You don’t need expensive switches to make it work, even for a dimmer.
iRulez is very attractive when you want to integrate AUDIO in your home automation. This part becomes very expensive when using commercial systems.
Since it is completely IP based, the system can interoperate between different sites, as long as they IP connectivity.
iRulez is an open modular system which makes it easy to write additional features available for everybody.

What is the difference with other opensource systems like Domoticz, OpenHab, Home Assistant....

The big difference is that anybody can set up iRulez. Plug in the iRulez board on the network and done.
No need for scripts, everything is done in the Gui.

More features here